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When you are seriously late for an appointment with a client or customer: " You know, Dave, we have a competition going on back at the office where we list the most irritating and infuriating kinds of behavior in the business world. I think my keeping you waiting has probably won."
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Patriotism and Nationalism

The love of country-patriotism-is a very different sentiment from nationalism. A fine book beautifully distinguishes between nationalist and patriotic sentiments. Nationalism is an aggrandizing,tribalistic sentiment that define one’s own group as opposed to alien’s groups, which are seen as potential rivals or enemies to be overcome or excluded. Patriotism, by contrast, implies love of country without necessarily implying hostility to anybody else.
American patriotism is built of shared knowledges, attitudes, loyalties, and values, including the values of nonexclusion, toleration, and respect for other religions and cultures. American have proved it is possible to feel patriotic about a coscompolitan, diverse country, which is loved more of its vital diversity than for its racial, or ethnic purity.
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Cultural literacy

Cultural literacy is the ability to converse fluently in the idioms, allusions and informal content which creates and constitutes a dominant culture. From being familiar with street signs to knowing historical reference to understanding the most recent slang, literacy demands interaction with the culture and reflection of it. A knowledge of a canonical set of literature is not valuable when engaging with others in a society if the knowledge stops at the end of the text — as life is interwoven with art, expression, history and experience, cultural literacy requires the broad range of trivia and the use of that trivia in the creation of a communal language and a "groupthink." Cultural literacy or the "Core Knowledge" movement stresses the knowledge of those pieces of information which content creators will assume the audience already possesses.
Recommend book: "the dictionary of cultural literacy"
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Fact or Faked

Fact or Faked算是一档科教类节目,挺有意思。每次会找一个视频,然后自己通过实验来验证视频的真实性,上次看到一个是一张长桌,摩托车牵引着桌布的一边,开到最大马力向前冲,桌布会被扯下来,而桌上的杯子,碗碟都不会掉,物理上应该解释为惯性,但是这次桌子比较长,那么视频是真实的吗?于是一帮人就开始实验验证,经过反复实验发现是不可能的,每次杯子都会被带倒,这帮人最后对视频的解释是在桌布上还垫着一张plastic,杯子,碗碟都是放在plastic上而不是直接在桌布上,这样扯掉桌布时不会带倒杯子。
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Are you smarter than a 5th grade student?
The new dictionary of cultural literacy
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